The girl with two heads


The girl with two heads

Anne films herself on her mobile phone as she inspects her physique in the mirror, while her mother, Céline, also studies her body in the mirror. Both have contrasting ideals as to what the ideal female body type should be. Conflict emerges between mother, daughter and her mother's boyfriend when it is revealed that Anne herself uploaded to the Internet a video of herself training topless at the fight club 

Betzabé García (direction) ; Kate Phibbs (production) ; Betzabé García (script) ; Sighvatur Omar Kristinsson (editing) ; Rachael Philip (score) ; Alana Mejia Gonzalez (photograph) ; Emily Allen, Michèle Belgrand, Jack Silver, Monique Etienne, Christopher Macken (interpeter) ; UK ; National Film and Television School (school) ; 2018 ; Selected short film

14 min. : kol. ; 393 MB ; MP4

French, English

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