Sugar and salt


Sugar and salt

A group of friends arrives as they do every year to a remote and secluded place to celebrate their friendship. Now they're arriving for the 36th time, but this year is going to be different to the previous ones. Staña lost his battle with cancer, and for the first time ever they are only five friends. In the blooming spring nature they kill a lamb with their own hands and drink to Staña's memory.

Adam Martinec (direction) ; Tomás Simon (production) ; Adam Martinec (script) ; Matej Sláma (editing) ; Dálava (score) ; David Hofmann (photograph) ; an Kyják, Marek Majnusm Leos Noha, Karel Martinec, Lubos Veli?ka (interpeter) ; Czech Rep. ; FAMU - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (school) ; Selected short film

19 min. : kol. ; 578 MB ; MP4


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