El verano del león eléctrico


El verano del león eléctrico

Alonso and his beloved sister Daniela are hidden away in a house far from the city. She is waiting to become the seventh wife of El León, a prophet who (is said) to electrocute you when you touch him. Among deck chairs and whispers, they could be spending their last summer together.

Diego Céspedes (direction) ; Vincent Gilot (production) ; Diego Céspedes (script) ; Ignacio Ulloa (editing) ; Sebastián Pérez (score) ; Thomas Woodroffe, Gustavo Yáñez (photograph) ; Lan Fa Salas, Gaspar Gatica, Roxana Naranjo (interpeter) ; Carrera de cine y televisión - Universidad de Chile (school) ; 2018 ; Selected short film

22 min. : kol. ; 416 MB ; MP4


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