Fokua : Helena Taberna

2018-10-03 / 2018-12-27 Cinema < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Fokua : Helena Taberna

Image: Helena Tarbena. Copyright: Lamia Producciones. Credit: Jorge Fuembuena

Helena Taberna is true to her principles: a commitment to feminism right from the start, an awareness in favour of Basqueness from her native Navarre and the will to reach the public from her author identity, a capacity to combine gentleness with strength. It was courageous of her to embark on Yoyes (2000). She was wise in giving prominence to the faces of female immigrants in Extranjeras (2003). She was coherent in returning to Alsasua during the Spanish Civil War [1936-39] with La buena nueva (2008). Nagore (2010) was a feminist and therefore humanistic statement, which is turning out to be an issue of growing relevance. And Acantilado (2016) was a meander to revisit some of her concerns as a creator. The movies she will be signing in the future are set to repeat the ever-present themes of this retrospective of her work: courage, marksmanship, coherence, humanism.

Further information at Basque Film Archive's website (In Spanish)

October 4, 20:00

Yoyes, Helena Taberna, Spain, 2000, 104’, OV with Spanish subtitles.
*Presentation:  Helena Taberna.


October 5

-18:00 Presentation: Cinema dialogues: Helena Taberna-Agnieszka Holland.
*Moderator: Pilar Rodríguez.
*Free entry until capacity reached.
Z Hall

-20:00 Projection
Spoor (El rastro), Agnieszka Holland, Poland, 2017, 128’, OV with Spanish subtitles
*Presentation: Agnieszka Holland.


October 18, 20:00
La mujer de Lot, Helena Taberna, Spain, 1990, 12’, No dialogues
87 cartas de amor, Helena Taberna, Spain, 1992, 14’, OV with Spanish subtitles
Emiliana de Zubeldia, Helena Taberna, Spain, 1993, 27’, OV with Spanish subtitles
Nerabe, Helena Taberna, Spain, 1996, 10’, OV with Spanish subtitles

*Presentation: Carlos Muguiro. Cinema 2


October 25, 20:00
Busto de un poeta, Helena Taberna, Spain, 1991, 19’, OV with Spanish subtitles
Alsasua 1936, Helena Taberna, Spain, 1994, 35’, OV with Spanish subtitles
Recuerdos del 36, Helena Taberna, Spain, 1994, 22’, OV with Spanish subtitles
Cinema 2

November 15, 20:00
Extranjeras, Helena Taberna, Spain, 2003, 75'
Presentation: Pilar Rodriguez.

December 6, 20:00
La buena nueva, Helena Taberna, Spain, 2008, 95'
Presentation: Bárbara Goenaga, Aizpea Goenaga.

December 14, 20:00
Nagore, Helena Taberna,  Spain, 2010, 77'
Presentation: Izaskun Arandia.

December 20, 20:00
Acantilado, Helena Taberna, Spain, 2016, 99'
Presentation: Helena Taberna.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

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