On the edge of the Earth, in forsaken lands, people live as if their spoken language has disappeared into oblivion. They live purposeless, routine lives, with no visible manifestations of mutual love and sympathy. A woman invites a man; the man accepts the woman. Their world shudders at the anxious cries of a bird that nobody sees, while in the abandoned house a sheep thief has made his appearance.

Andrey Klychnikov (direction) ; Andrey Klychnikov (production) ; Andrey Klychnikov (script) ; Andrey Klychnikov (editing) ; Roman Kurochkin (score) ; Veronika Solovyeva (photograph) ; Sergey Borsuk, Darya Khoreva, Amir Tagiev, Katya Osipova, Dima Kolesnikov (interpeter) ; Rusia ; Moscow School of New Cinema (school) ; 2017 ; Selected short film

30 min. : kol. ; 674 MB ; MP4

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