Imagen 30** : Integridad - Efimero

2017-05-02 / 2017-06-30 Workshop < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Imagen 30** : Integridad - Efimero

This project plans to establish interdisciplinary research between fashion and sculpture, looking at all possibilities of the Fashion Show standard. To do so, this offering hopes to hold a fashion show at Tabakalera, specifically between the side entrance and the interior area where the piano is located and the street area, running up to the steps located in front of this entrance. This event will take place without being advertised by Tabakalera or other media, basing itself on public use, from public spaces, with a private, unique declaration not claimed or supported by social acts.

This determination is of interest in the formal articulation of the Fashion Show as it allows the circumstantial reality of the moment to be included in the runway show, without being controlled or slanted by an event advertised as such. Prior to the day set for the fashion show, the work will come together and confront itself in order to prepare the collection comprised of different formats made of paper, printed images or not, personal records, personal documentation from other works, and using other unique works, varying the possibilities of the printed paper, folded paper, their uses, the ways of connecting the paper, and adding other materials.

It is interesting that the project has a recurrent nature in fashion and sculpture, a study already began with paper and sculpture, where bodies have also been worked in relation to different work materials, be it clothing or sculpture or tattoo paper on bare skin, registering these concrete actions.

For the collection's creation, textile material will also be worked on clothing that has already been designed or is yet to be designed. Prior to the runway show, a casting will be held to select the models. For this activity, and others from the project, a work team will be entrusted to make the runway show come together: set, sound, rehearsals backstage, registration. A professional runway show will be held.