News 23/06/2016


News 23/06/2016

It's the 23rd of June 2016. In the UK, a critical referendum is well underway, and across the Atlantic, an ominous American presidential campaign is gathering force. In Sweden, news broadcasting is carrying on as usual. In Germany, however, an identical, yet distorted, news broadcast is simultaneously being constructed by the citizens themselves.

Elsa Rosengren (direction) ; Nadja Rothkirch (production) ; Elsa Rosengren (script) ; Elsa Rosengren (editing) ; Nadja Rothkirch, Frank Behnke (score) ; Katharina Whal (photograph) ; Ellen Edmar, Sophia Raphaeline, Sara Morante, Paul Claaßen, Oliver Grüttner, Marion Becker, Wolfram Wirth, Katarzyna Pacura, Ender Kutlu, Robert Hamill, Stefan Keuneuke (interpeter) ; Germany ; DFFB - Berlin Film Conservatory (school) ; 2017 ; Selected short film.

Subtitles in English.

11 min. : kol. ; 74 MB ; MP4


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