An offer of a job as a prison educator could help unemployed teacher Jakub resolve a difficult family situation. His father-in-law exacerbates his already low self-confidence, and the man most certainly imagined a different kind of son-in-law. The claustrophobic feelings Jakub experiences at the prison, however, lead him to a single question: Does he want to control others the rest of his life or be controlled by them?

Damián Vondrásek (direction) ; Ondrej Sejnoha (production) ; Damián Vondrásek (script) ; Jakub Podmanický (editing) ; Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Senjan Jansen, Lucho Quintanilla, Jeremy Bocquet (score) ; Filip Marek (photograph) ; Jakub Koudela, Veronika Lazorčáková, Tomáš Borůvka, Michaela Procházková, Hynek Chmelař, Petr Motloch, Michal Duchek, Marek Sýkora, Krystof Peterka (interpeter) ; Czech Republic ; FAMU - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (school) ; 2017 ; Selected short film

Subtitles in English.

27 min. : kol. ; 182 MB ; MP4


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