A typical family is being watched in their own home. The father, an accomplice to the situation, obliges the other members of the family group to participate in the dynamic. The mother tries to escape with her daughters, but to no avail.

Alejandra Villalba García (direction) ; Arturo Jara Kafuri (production) ; Alejandra Villalba García, César Ortiz (script) ; Iván Herrera (editing) ; Félix Cobos, José Miguel Enríquez (score) ; César Ortiz (photograph) ; Nailea Norvind, Fabián Hofman, Andrea Sutton Chávez, Teresa Peace, Juan Vera (interpeter) ; Mexico ; Escuela Superior de Cine - ESCINE (school) ; 2017 ; Selected short film

Subtitles in English.

22 min. : kol. ; 137 MB ; MP4


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