María Mallori elkarrizketa


Starting with natural shapes, we will make templates for use in drawings/design, so that we can later imagine what cities and towns, cars or everyday objects would be like if, instead of having straight angles, they had natural shapes.

Efficient template creation is a workshop run by María Mallo where you will learn some of the shapes that Nature most frequently uses.

You will analyse examples of natural ingenuity that have inspired human inventions. You will draw your preferred natural shapes and convert them into templates to take home using laser-cut methacrylate. You will also have time to imagine and draw what cities, cars and everyday items would look like if they were based on those languages.

The aim of the workshop is to get children to expand their imagination, away from stereotypes and for them to see that beyond the pure shapes and right angles, there is another worlds of natural patterns with infinite possibilities, that thanks to technology, we are beginning to be able to tackle.

7 min. : kol. ; 45 MB ; MP4