Nell-en eskola = La escuela de Nell = Nell's school

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Nell-en eskola = La escuela de Nell = Nell's school

Training workshop pon managing technologies and internet.

Nell is the name of the main character in the Neal Stephenson novel "The Diamond Age". In the book, Nell gets an advanced, intelligent electronic book that helps you to learn on your own. Thanks to this book, she gets training and design her own path.

In this school, which continues in the spirit of Nell, through workshops, we are looking for training on the use of technologies and the internet. By means of theoretical-practical-participatory workshops, every month we will deal with a subject:

April: Information management
May: Managing social networks
June: Security on mobile devices

*Participants are required to bring their own laptop or tablet.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Workshop, Technology, Gorka Julio Hurtado "Teketen", Network, Nell


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