Concierto para puño alzado

Concierto para puño alzado

Sound installation by Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa in the frame of the project Scala.

This installation brings together a series of songs recorded with the Ochote Ozenki choir. Following the precise instructions given by the artist, this traditional formation comprised of eight voices introduces lyrics from texts by different French philosophers that have been structured as popular songs such as El menú, Beti eskamak kentzen, Ume eder bat, and Viva Aragón.

This combination of elements seems strange at first yet serves as a strategy meant to reveal the foundations that authority has always laid to establish their values without drawing attention. The artist has written lyrics based on texts by Guy Lardreau, Jacques Fradin, Gilles Grelet, and Jacques Lacan that are used to reflect on the relationship between subject and language, the economy and our desires, revolutionary energy and an intriguing yet seemingly condemned return to order. The piece’s adaptation to the Scala space, and consecutive production of a fanzine in the form of a song book, is a step forward in its presentation and public reception.

Good Materialisme 03:22
Love Song 03:03
Practice is the Matrix of Semblance 02:30
Vive Lacan 03:37

It will be activated every half hour from 9:00 to 22:00

Sound installation created following an invitation from Tabakalera.

Curated by Oier Etxeberria.

Production and spatial adaptation: Xabier Erkizia

Acknowledgements: Jose Luis Zabala and Jose Mari Zabala

Organizer : Tabakalera - Proiektu artistikoak

Protagonists : Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa

Tags : Scala, Instalazio, Sound, Music, Sound installation, Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa