Zinea. Laborategiak = Cine. Laboratorios = Cinema. Laboratories

2016-01-29 / 2016-03-18 Tabakalera < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Zinea. Laborategiak = Cine. Laboratorios = Cinema. Laboratories

Laboratories is a series of audiovisual workshops organised by Tabakalera, designed as practical and theoretical encounters with the world of film and audiovisual production, run by a combination of local media professionals and experts from further afield. The aim is to fill Tabakalera’s screen (our exhibition area) in order to provide a space for film-based/audiovisual thinking and doing.

The sessions are organised in workshop format, with each Laboratory lasting anywhere from two days up to a week, with theoretical and practical classes being held both in the morning and in the afternoon. The Laboratories are aimed at media professionals and, in general, anyone interested in cinematographic and audiovisual art. Each group has between 15 and 20 participants.

The Laboratories are scheduled to tie in with our film agenda and the presence of directors running workshops is accompanied by Focuses on their work.


Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Cinema, Workshop, Audiovisual


  • Filmmaker's head
  • Cine laboratorios. Rueda de prensa


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