Etorkizuneko iraganak / Iraganeko etorkizunak

Etorkizuneko iraganak / Iraganeko etorkizunak

This session will screen two films by Jorge Moneo Quintana, Orbainak (2019) and Begiak Hesteko Artean (2020), after which the filmmaker will give a short lecture where he will address different aspects that have to do with the process of making both films, the implications that certain ethical and aesthetic decisions entail in them, the work with sound, the critical and artistic treatment of archival materials and, in short, some of the correspondences and tensions between both works. But there will also be a space to share an incipient hypothesis and the yearnings of a future film.

Orbainak, Jorge Moneo, España, 2019, 29'

The personal stories lived by the Uncle, the Father and the Son, respectively, form a tragic experience that is drawn along a line in time. This line is comparable to a crease in the pages of the family album, but also to a crack in the walls of the paternal house. It resembles the open wound created when drilling into a mountain, but also a scar in the collective imaginary of a society, where the idea of salvation finds its tragic destiny in the political struggle. What is at the end of that line? Will old war songs be enough to circumvent that destiny?

Begiak Hesteko Artean / In Ictu Oculi, Jorge Moneo, España, 2020, 15'​

Seven centuries made of stone are torn down on a single moon. Thus passes the glory of the world, in the blink of an eye.