Hik Hasi : kalea esploratu, eraldatu eta ikasi!

2014-07-02 / 2014-07-04 UPV/EHU - Campus de Gipuzkoa < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Hik Hasi : kalea esploratu, eraldatu eta ikasi!

The project HIK IKASI was created in 1995 by a group of teachers, in order to become a information, debate and meeting intermediary, for all those that are part of the Basque education. Tabakalera Hezkuntza, within the Pedagogic Encounter HIK HASI, has organized a course from the 2nd to the 4th of July, from 9AM to 14PM. Under the title of "Kalea esploratu, eraldatu eta ikasi", this course is under the working-line "public and pedagogic space".

In this course, neighborhoods, towns and streets will be seen as intermediaries. Based on this idea, the contents that will be worked will be varied: relationship between education and public space, cultural pedagogies and public space, public space as meeting point, practices to take part, changing the space and working in networks, get to know and practice ways for establishing relationships with the surroundings based on artistic practices, pedagogic practices references...

In order to do so, we will based them on practical and experimental dynamics: every day, after a theoretical approach, we will go out and try different materials, spaces and practices; when the sessions end, we will have time to reflect, to work and to organizes materials that we have created before; we will use several practices, such as new technologies, techniques to take part, discussions, games or artistic practices. In the end, the workshop will have both theoretical and practical characters.

The objectives of this workshop are: analyzing possibilities to improve relationships between schools and towns/neighborhoods, get to know pedagogic-collective and participative practices, understand streets as pedagogic intermediaries and learn how to use them, support the group work and exchange experiences, and, finally, design and elaborate educative initiatives that we could use as guides in the future.

If you are looking for more information about the workshop, visit the HIK HASI ikastaroak and "Kalea esploratu, eraldatu eta ikasi!" webpages


Educators, teachers, associations, leisure group members, cultural group members...