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We could cite Paulo Rocha, Manoel de Oliveira or João César Monteiro or some of the founding spirits of the revolution of the new Portuguese cinema that emerged in the sixties and whose long shadow has spread to present day. But the question of this cycle is another: who here and now? What is the relationship between the classics and the new? And above all: why is Portuguese cinema still one of those rare cinemas with presence, influence and mark on the international cinema and festival circuit? We want to know and this cycle, which will take place during the first half of 2016,  has been started up to invite to Tabakalera the directors, filmmakers and films that are today finding their place on the new stage of Portuguese cinema.

A few names: Salomé Lamas, Gabriel Abrantes, Rita Acevedo Gomes, Maureen Fazendeiro, Joaquim Pinto, Miguel Gomes, Pedro Costa, João Salaviza, João Vladimiro, Sandro Aguilar...

And a double journey, as the cycle invites the newest arrivals to present their films and, at the same time, to choose a work from the history of Portuguese cinema they consider important in their career.


Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Projection, Contemporary film, Portugal, Seasons, OhPortugal



  •  2016 Folleto del programa de enero
  •  2016 Agenda del programa de enero

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