Gutun zuria : Curtocircuíto = Cartas blancas : Curtucircuíto = Cartes blanches : Curtocircuíto

2015-12-11 / 2015-12-11 Cinema < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Gutun zuria : Curtocircuíto = Cartas blancas : Curtucircuíto = Cartes blanches : Curtocircuíto

A selection by Santiago de Compostela's Festival of Short Films

Cartes blanches. Invitation to festivals, critics, artists and international programmers to enable access to our screen and to establish working partnerships and dialogue.

Pela del Álamo, director of the festival, presents Curtocircuito (one of those places where, if you care about films, "being there is a must") and offers a selection of the best short films on the international scene, a kind of 'pearls other festivals' but in short format.

La impresión de una guerra
Camilo Restrepo, France, 2015, 26'
For over 70 years, Colombia has been confronted with internal armed conflict. Over the years, the outlines of the conflict have grown indistinct. A climate of generalized violence has gradually settled over society as a whole.

Second sighted (Clarividente)
Deborah Stratman, USA, 2015, 5'
Obscure signs portend a looming, indecipherable slump. An oracular decoding of the landscape. Made in collaboration with composer Olivia Block, and by invitation of the Chicago Film Archives, utilizing solely films from their collection.

The exquisite corpus
Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 2015, 15'
The Exquisite Corpus is based on various erotic films and advertising rushes. Tscherkassky plays on the "cadavre exquis" technique used by the Surrealists, drawing disparate body parts constellating magical creatures. Myriad fragments are melted into a single sensuous, humorous, gruesome, and ecstatic dream.

Sin Dios ni Santa María
Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado, España, 2015, 12'
Since airplanes did not exist, people moved around using prayers, they went from one land to another and returned early, before dawn. In old audio recordings, the voices of pastors speak of the mythical existence of witches and their travels. In the daily life of a woman the magic of her tales begin to materialize as night falls. Night is the time when travel is possible.

Blood Below the Skin
Jennifer Reeder, AEB, 2015, 32'
This short narrative chronicles a week in the lives of three teenage girls, from difference social circles, who form a bond in the week leading up to the school dance. Countdown to prom night is actually countdown to irreversible change for each girl.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Projection, Cartes blanches, Curtocircuíto, Pela del Álamo


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