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Tabakalera ezagutu : Edurne Ormazabalen eskutik = Conoce Tabakalera : de la mano de Edurne Ormazabal = Visit Tabakalera : with Edurne Ormazabal

2020-09-12 / 2020-09-12 Info puntua

Guided tour

On this tour we will be accompanied by Edurne Ormazabal, general director of Tabakalera. With her we will talk about the Tabakalera project in general: about the challenges of running such a large project, about the main projects that have been launched in recent years, and also about future challenges.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Protagonists : Edurne Ormazabal

Tags : Guided Tour, Anniversary, Tabakalera, Edurne Ormazabal Azpiroz


 Tabakalera's 5th anniversary


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