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Tabakalera ezagutu : memoria eta Kearen Artxibogileak = Conoce Tabakalera : memoria y Archiveras del Humo = Visit Tabakalera : memory and Smoke Archivers

2020-09-12 / 2020-09-12 2deo. Ikus-entzunezko laborategia < Tabakalera < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

A talk by Smoke Archivers

Smoke archivers is a group of women who were formerly “cigarreras” (cigarette makers) and also current Tabakalera employees. This collective process has focused on the construction of a community archive based on the Tabacalera and Tabakalera stories.

On this talk we will learn about the narratives collected in these archives. Covering themes that take in the biographical, the emotional and the conflictive, these women will tell us about their lives in the factory and anecdotes from that time.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Protagonists : Ana Revuelta Andres, Leire San Martin, Smoke archivers

Tags : Tabakalera, Tabacalera, Archive, Tabako fabrika, Guided Tour, Cigar maker women, Anniversary, Memoria


 Tabakalera's 5th anniversary


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