Landscape Plus. Laida Lertxundi

Landscape Plus. Laida Lertxundi

Image: 025 Sunset Red

Projection and presentation of the book

I was listening to Robert Wyatt's version of the Yolanda song by Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés, whose beginning states the following:

Esto no puede ser no mas que una canción
Quisiera fuera una declaración de amor
Romántica sin reparar en formas tales
Que ponga freno a lo que siento ahora a raudales
Te amo
Te amo
Eternamente te amo


My translation into English:


This can be nothing but a song
But I wish for it to be a declaration of love
Romantic, without laboring over forms that would
Restrict the feeling that is pouring over me
I love you
I love you
Eternally I love you


In Spanish, te amo can be translated to I love you . Te amo is deeper. If you are reading this, please listen to the song now (Yolanda, by Robert Wyatt). Milanés, in these stanzas, reflects on the act of writing and its meaning, suggesting a conflict between form and emotion. This conflict is the generating principle of my films.


Laida Lertxundi

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