Michael Wahrmann : sin dolor

Michael Wahrmann : sin dolor

From the very beginning, this film came to me as a horror narrative. I'm not particularly fond of genre movies, and i never explored genre in my films before. Nevertheless, I thought this initial concept should be used for the basic dramatic structure of the film.

At the same time, what seems at first to be a clear genre construction should find a way to transcend the obvious into a more abstract audiovisual form. It should detach from the genre system and rules and turn into a personal expression on the fervent social and political issues of current brazil.

Screenplay: Michael Wahrmann, Diego Lerer and Alejandro Fadel

Length: 100'
Language: Portugese, French and German
Shooting location: Brasil/Paris

Synopsis: A retired French couple buy an abandoned house on a paradisiac island in the northeast of Brazil. The island is more isolated than what they had imagined. To their surprise, upon arriving on the land they acquired, they find a small fishing village inhabited by descendants of an old German colony; strange scars on the villager’s bodies hide a secret kept for decades. A class struggle over land and borders is established raising questions about the limits and different kinds of pain in a social horror thriller.