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Polita litzateke beti tentsio horrekin bizitzea = Sería bonito vivir siempre en esa tensión = It would be nice to always live in that tension

2019-04-24 / 2019-04-24 Z Hall < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

Image: Philip-Guston-Box&Shadow-1976-© 2018 The Estate of Philip Guston

“In relation to the issue of attention, which I understand as the issue around which the seminar has been constructed, I will try to SHOW why cinema is a special place for such attention, for those who create cinema and for its viewers.

It is a special place and a tool that we must hold on to, that we must defend.
Because in life we do not shoot scenes, because in life people can barely see.
And the cinema was a discipline for vision – a pleasant, almost effortless discipline. The cinema taught us how to look without giving itself airs.
That is also why now, at a time when we are aware of everything, of discipline and of pleasure, Pedro Costa can say something like “It would be nice to always live in that tension”. NICE. In other words, the cinema is a special place for attention, for those who make films and for those who see them. Paying attention makes you tense, and even scares you, as one’s own ability is always scary. And yet, it would be NICE to always live in that tension”. Miriam Martín, civil servant in Madrid since May 2011, translator, film programmer & filmmaker to be.

Luis Macías will perform a cinematographic action by manipulating different production devices and analogue image projection, reflecting -starting from its creation- on the movement and time of the image, that emerges from matter and reveals itself to us. Two slide projectors, a 16mm projector, a real time video camera and an improvised laboratory will be the filmic artifacts that Luis Macías will use in this performance in which the image, its absence and the word are manifested.