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2018-10-21 / 2018-10-21 Cinema < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

A film bu James W. Horne

18:00 Talk: Manuel Garin, author of the book El gag visual, de Buster Keaton a Super Mario, Cátedra 2014, Signo e Imagen Collection.

19:00 College, James W. Horne, USA, 1927, 68'
Buster Keaton is Roland, a student who prefers intellect to muscles. The problem is that his girlfriend prefers athletes, so Roland has no choice but to try to become the new hunky champion of the school. And he tries it all: baseball, track and field, high jump, pole vault, javelin and weight throw, rowing.... The disaster of his results is proportional to the colossal laughter produced by the ups and downs in the situations provided by this great genius of slapstick humour from the silent cinema era.