Brawl in cell block 99

Brawl in cell block 99

Dialogues with the 29th horror and fantasy film week.

Bone Tomahawk, S. Craig Zahler, USA, 2015, 133' DCP, Original English Language, Spanish Subtitles

This is a western horror film that turns the tables on many of the genre's conventions. It includes a cannibal tribe of Indians who look like zombies, there are touches of irony, brutal and gory scenes, twilight characters in search of their place in the world and a journey that takes on the form of an adventure.

Year 1850. A stranger comes to the town of Bright Hope and, after a dispute with the local authority, ends up in prison. Up until there, classicism at its purest: the saloon, the snow-capped mountains in the background, the horses, etc. That's when strange things begin to happen: the guy put in jail and the woman who is watching him disappear one night, and the only clue about their whereabouts is an arrow which seems to belong to a mysterious tribe. That's when the rescue mission begins: beyond the town’s borders and beyond the imaginable.

Award for Best Director, Sitges Film Festival 2015, and José Luis Guarner Critic's Award.