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Hitzaldia : Aníbal G. Arregi, quilombola mugimendua = Conferencia : Aníbal G. Arregi, el movimiento quilombola = Conference : Aníbal G. Arregi, the quilombola movement

2018-10-30 / 2018-10-30 Z Hall < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

The "quilombola" movement is, in Brazil, a type of political demand for the historical and territorial rights of the descendants of runaway saves. Nevertheless, in this talk, Aníbal G. Arregui will reinterpret the "quilombola" movement in a kinaesthetic sense. He will present an ethnographic study on the body movements that make up the different practical spheres of the "quilombolas" of the Brazilian Amazonia: hunting, fishing, slash-and-burn farming, football, dancing, timber harvesting, collection of chestnuts, bathing in the river, and much more. In parallel to the media and institutional demand in terms of the rights of the peoples of African descent, the "quilombola" (kinaesthetic) movement allows for practical learning that includes both colonial history and some of its possible political responses.