The color out of space

The color out of space

Image: Rosa Barba, The Color Out of Space, 2015 HD video, color, sound, 36 min Fill still © Rosa Barba

Screening of Rosa Barba's film

The Color Out of Space, Rosa Barba, Germany-USA, 2015, 36', DCP OV English SE.

The thirty-six-minute high-definition video is composed of images gathered at Hirsch Observatory at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute and projected through five colored glass panels, mounted on a steel stand.

The title of the work comes from a science fiction work by H. P. Lovecraft (1927). The accompanying soundtrack comprises the voices of scientists, artists, and writers reflecting on the universe and its enigmas.

Screenings days and hours:

June 29: 8pm ES | 8:45pm EU

June 30: 12pm ES | 12:45pm EU

July 1: 12:00pm ES | 12:45pm EU