Tabakalera taulara 2018

Tabakalera taulara 2018

This summer, every Thursday in July and August at eight in the evening, the rooftop terrace of Tabakalera will again host a selection of events linked to live performance arts. From 5 July until 30 August we will be able to enjoy different proposals that combine sound, the body, movement, choreography and language.

This year's programme is the responsibility of Maia Villot and Itxaso Corral, who have prepared a selection of pieces by Chico y Chica, Inazio Escudero, Carla Fernández and Óscar G. Villegas, Elisa Arteta, Cuqui Jerez, Horman Poster, Navaridas & Deutinger, Los Torreznos, and Silvia Zayas and Esperanza Collado.


Are you wondering what it's all about or what you will find there?

It will be something that affects our discourses and our bodies, something that looks for the gaps, contradictions and fissures; something that encourages the healthy flow of exuberant thoughts.

It will involve us thinking with, for, from, about and between bodies.

Science fiction, songs read out loud, audio fiction, bodies being affected, bodies dancing, bodies jumping, bodies making sounds, bodies transforming, bodies moving objects, bodies being, breathing in the summer together.

For example, a record/book, a science fiction story, an audio fiction, a book and a song both read out loud.

Or, for example, a film without a film or the stories of a walk.

Or a very, very simple experimental conference. A black and white memory or a choreographed speech.

Our bodies, being together, experiencing the dusk together. Bodies that will understand and feel; or feel-understand, as a new word, representing something far from static. There, on the roof, we will definitely be anything but static! We will share movements, small detours and curves, minimal trajectories that will give us clues on how to move to other places, other states of being and other possible bodies.

Itxaso Corral and Maia Villot