Mugaz gaindiko artisten egonaldiak = Residencias transfronterizas

2014-06-10 / 2014-07-20 San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa, NEKaTOENEa < Hendaia < Lapurdi < Frantzia
Mugaz gaindiko artisten egonaldiak = Residencias transfronterizas

Tabakalera, the International Centre of Contemporary Culture from San Sebastian, and NEKaTOENEa, residence for artists located in Hendaye and managed by CPIE Basque littoral, have launched an initiative on cross-border cooperation that is embodied in an artistic residencies pilot project hat will be held in summer 2014.

The project is based on a simple dynamic: each institution selects an artist, and in turn, each of these makes an extensive invitation to another one. So the two pairs of artists are expected to be working together in the environment of Abbadia in Hendaye and within the outlined field of work of Tabakalera.

Miriam Isasi and Estibaliz Sádaba are the protagonists of the first stay, between 10 and 29 June, and Marc Fontelle and Olivier Marty will be resident artists from 1 to 13 July. Afterwards, they will be conducting an open workshop in Sukaldea, 1-4 July and 17-18 July, respectively.

Alongside developing their proposal, the invited guests also participate in an outreach program of contemporary art through a public presentation at the beginning of each of the residences in NEKaTOENEa.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Workshop, Creation, Nekatoenea, Olivier Marty, Marc Fontenelle, Miriam Isasi, Estíbaliz Sábana, Residence



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