Ninouche + Le Parc

Ninouche + Le Parc

Image: Le Parc, Damien Manivel

Doble screening with films by Valérie Massadian and Damian Manivel.

Ninouche, Valérie Massadian, France, 2011, 23’

Ninouche is four years old and lives by herself in an isolated house in the middle of the countryside, dedicated to herself, to her freedom, to the weather and to nature.

Le Parc, Damien Manivel, Francia, 2016, 71'
Damien Manivel is one of those young directors that we follow from their first work: we heard about him in 2014, when he presented his directorial début Un jeune poète (2014) at the Locarno Festival. Last year we were able to meet him at last and premiere his work on our screen at Tabakalera, as he participated in the Zabaltegi Tabakalera section of the San Sebastian Film Festival with his film La nuit où j'ai nagé (2017), filmed in collaboration with Japanese director Kohei Igarashi. And now, at last, we will screen his second work, one of the most highly praised films in cinephile texts in 2016 (it was one of the discoveries of the Cannes Festival) and which put him on the list of directors to be closely followed. This is a double film: two teenagers and two radically opposed moments, a day and a night in their city's park. It's summer and a young couple meets in a park. This could be the story of their first love: walks, conversations, looks, smiles and hopes. But the day wears on, and as if it were a romantic painting by Caspar David Friedrich, the landscape changes, wind starts to blow, night falls and the young couple must separate. This is when the second film starts: now it’s the time for mystery, fear, darkness, even murkiness. Pure metamorphosis. And a Rohmer or Jonás Trueba style film transforms into a Lynch, Antonioni, Kafka style one.

Best Feature Film, JeonJu International Film Festival 2017.
Best Feature Film, Nuevos Cines International Film Festival of Pontevedra 2017.
Special jury prize, Belfort 2016.
Best Actor Award, Amiens International Film Festival 2016.