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Bihotz inguru baso eskola = Escuela-bosque bihotz inguru = Bihotz inguru forest school

2018-04-20 / 2018-04-20 Artist's space < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

Talk on outdoor children’s education

This is the second talk in a cycle which is part of the 0-6 bizi! project and aims to promote other teaching methods. On this occasion we will discover the Bihotz Inguru forest school, and we will learn about the benefits of using nature as the main teaching resource for children’s growth.

The forest school is a teaching model without a classroom, based instead on outdoor learning. It aims to turn the forest into a play space and thus go beyond the paradigm of the classroom. Its three main teaching strands are based on trust, a systemic approach, and love, respect and recognition.

The forest school in Donostia is aimed at children aged 3-6 years and promotes a more unifying relationship between city and nature. Growing up surrounded by nature helps children to express themselves, to grow physically and emotionally, and stimulates their mobility and internal self-regulation.