A film by Jazmín López

Leones, Jazmín López, Argentina, 2012, 85’, DCP, OV:ESP

Deep in the forest, a group of five friends wanders like a pride of lions. They search for a cabin, the play with words and with their bodies, the watch one another, seduce one another, and lose themselves in this uncertain land which separates them from adulthood. What are they fleeing from? Where are they going? What are they so hopelessly looking for? There is something thrilling and strange about it all, filtered by something which is impossible to define and which is at times narcotic: slow moments, internal awakenings, an uncertain age... The camera follows the characters over their shoulders, like Gus Van Sant or David Lych or Lucrecia Martel would have, as though all of it were a Sonic Youth song blasting at full volume. Sonic youth.

“Leones is an essay on death, seen as a beautiful landscape, and on youth, its beauty and its incomprehension. How weak can the human body be when compared to an intellectual construct? These kids are always in the moment, in the present, immersed in it, bored, anxious”, (Jazmín López).

Bisato d'Oro for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival and Special Jury Prize at BAFICI, the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema.


Bisato d' oro a mejor dirección del Festival de Venecia y Premio Especial del Jurado en Bafici, Festival de cine Independiente de Buenos Aires.