Zerren argi

Zerren argi

Animation cinema workshop

Zerren argi is a workshop for families taught by Maite Alonso and Unai Ruiz. It consists of making a film collectively by using the technique of direct painting on the celluloid (16mm) and making its soundtrack.

The workshop will be divided into two areas. In one, the 16mm film will be arranged in a spiral shape for participants to paint and cover with various materials. In the other, the sounds that will make up the film’s soundtrack will be recorded on cassette. We will create musical landscapes using instruments, old boxes, strings, recycled metal pieces and our voices. Everyone can freely move from one area to the other according to their own preferences and inspiration.

The workshop will close with the screening of the film in a space equipped with a white screen and a 16mm projector. All the apparently disordered features that will characterize our creative activities for several hours will be reorganized in a harmonious and unique way.

The workshop, which lasts approximately two hours, is open to all types of audiences, with no age limit or previous artistic experience necessary. 

Organizer : Tabakalera - Hezkuntza

Tags : Cinema, Workshop, 0-6 bizi