Ekin! Jolastegieta

Ekin! Jolastegieta

Workshops for kids between 8 and 14

Games have changed since our grandparents' time, from txorromorropikotaioke to today's mobile applications. Street games, board games and even video games are no longer the same as those played by our parents.

But some things have not changed: games are still games, young people and children still play, and games are still an important part of the learning process.

Following the series of workshops between September and December 2017, in which we created games based on mechanics, construction and electronics, we will now focus our attention on the games that are played today. Which games do we like? Why? What is the logic and rules that they follow? What should our favourite games be like?

With the game as the central focus, in this process that will cover six sessions we will set a variety of the laboratory's learning dynamics in motion and we will find out about the different Hirikilabs technologies: digital manufacturing, electronics, programming, etc. We will look in greater depth at the processes based on learning through play, since the game, in addition to being entertaining, is an incomparable resource in the learning experience of children.

Taking inspiration from both traditional and interactive games and based on collaborative games, with the involvement of all the participants, we will create a game to our own taste.