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Hots hiru ahots bakarrean

2017-11-15 / 2017-11-15 Z Hall < Tabakalera < San Sebastián

An intervention by Itxaro Borda

In the context of the Mugak/Fronteras project, Itxaro Borda will present 'Hots hiru ahots bakarrean', a new text written for the occasion, featuring Itsaso Gutierrez in the guitar:

“When we think in silence, all the languages we know are mixed in the deep recesses of our mind. We do not control them. Our desires, what we want, our will, are not strong enough to erect frontiers to delimit the linguistic mire that is spawned in the corners of our head. What happens when we think merde in French, but schiesse, in German, is spat out instead?"