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Zinema familientzat : animaziozko 9 film labur = Cine en familia : 9 cortos de animación = Family morning cinema session : 9 animation short films

2017-05-07 / 2017-05-07 Cinema < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

Screening and optative workshop for families

Projection of nine animation short films to enjoy family life: Ballpit by Kyle Mowat, Nic Nac and No Noodles by Tyler Nicolson, The squirrel and the swallow by Arjan Boever, Paper touch by Hui-Ching Tseng and Yen-Chang Cheng, La petite pousse by Chaïtane Conversa, The dog who was a cat inside and Whistleless by Siri Melchior, Wind by Robert Löbel.

Besides the projection, Tabakalera's Education team will offer an optional workshop.

Kyle Mowat, Canada, 2012, 2’

The squirrel and the swallow
Arjan Boeve, Netherlands, 2010, 6’30’’

La petite pousse
Chaïtane Conversat, France-Switzerland, 2015, 10'

No noodles
Tyler Nicolson, USA, 2012, 2’

Robert Löbel, Germany, 2013, 4’

Nic Nac
Tyler Nicolson, USA, 2012, 2’

Paper touch
Hui-Ching Tseng, Yen-Chang Cheng,, Taiwan, 2011, 5’

The dog who was a cat inside
Siri Melchior, United Kingdom, 2002, 4’

Siri Melchior, Denmark, 2010, 5'