Kontzientzia-egoera aztoratuak = Estados alterados de consciencia = Altered states of consciousness

Kontzientzia-egoera aztoratuak = Estados alterados de consciencia = Altered states of consciousness

Altered states of consciousness became a widespread obsession in the late-nineteenth-century. Around the 1870s, a plethora of psychics claimed the ability to act as conduits or transmitters; much like a human radio frequency receiver, they could allegedly capture cosmic vibrations that were said to manifest in a fashion similar to electromagnetic waves, and tap into the deeper underlying structures of the universe, beneath and beyond matter. 

At present, the term “altered states of consciousness” is used to describes changes in one's mental state, rather than spirit visitations. These changes can be induced recreationally or accidentally and are almost always temporary. Oftentimes however, more sinister forces may be at hand: Homeland Security, enemy agents, Big Pharma or extraterrestrial beings. Unlike stimulants, altered states of consciousness are rarely tied to functionality. Rather than inducing a higher plane of awareness, or providing a gateway for insight or wisdom, they are typically described as alienating or regressive: Dissociation from reality is no longer a socially sanctioned experience, but a menacing, mind-destroying one. 

The two-day symposium was to examine the reality and the fictionalization of mind-altering substances, and the shifting notions of consciousness they are tied to.


Friday, May 26th 

17:00 Presentation of the symposium by Ana Teixeira Pinto and Oier Etxeberria
17:30 Anselm Franke: Sugar *
18:00 Christoph Keller: Aether *
20:00 Screening by Tamar Guimarães (Presentation via video conference) 

Saturday, May 27th 

12:00-14:30 Workshop run by Ana Teixeira Pinto (Registration required)
17:00 Ana Teixeira Pinto: Psychopharma
17:30 Antonia Majaca: Truth Serum
18:00 Jan Peter Hammer: LSD
20:00 Screening by Ibon Aranberri and Lorea Alfaro

Organizer : Tabakalera - Proiektu artistikoak

Protagonists : Ana Teixeira Pinto, Anselm Franke, Christoph Keller, Tamar Guimarães, Antonia Majača, Jan Peter Hammer, Lorea Alfaro, Ibon Aranberri

Tags : Stimulants, Exposition, Coffee, Sugar, Tobacco