Laida Lertxundi : 025 Sunset Red

Laida Lertxundi : 025 Sunset Red

025 Sunset Red, Laida Lertxundi, Spain-USA, 2016, 14’

“025 Sunset Red is a kind of quasi-autobio-graphical reckoning. An indiscernibility of then and now. Recollection and immediacy. Delicacy and virility. The elusive and the haptic. The Basque Country and California. It’s a set of echoes of an upbringing by communist radicals, not as nostalgia but as a way of making sense, of finding practical applications of the past in the present. Within the film, blood is collected and poured, red filters cover landscapes, and images of desire are both produced and observed. The film is a diaphanous, psychedelic foray into the domestic and the political, looking at ways that politics may erupt, shape a life, form a sensibility, and become inscribed upon a body”.

“I work with 16mm motion picture film, photography and printmaking in a process I call Landscape Plus, documenting California landscapes while bringing equal attention to sound, people and the passage of time. My work moves between intimate interior architectures and the magnitude of open landscapes to map out a geography transformed by affective and subjective states.

I employ a fragmentary approach to editing in which cinematic forms of storytelling are replaced by a focus on process and materiality. I’m interested in the tension between form and the experience that will always exceed it. I present the environment from an embodied female position with a radical appreciation for everything that we have to lose”.

Laida Lertxundi