Insert Change was a role-playing game aimed at families. It was designed to reflect on peace and human rights through several video games and games. It was all included in a science fiction story and in the context of the Stop War festival. The game that day was a role-playing game about Onironauts:

"We are the Onironauts"

And we are going to your planet... Danger is coming from the deepest galaxies. And it has a mission: To destroy the Earth... But we can stop it... We are the Onironauts, and we come from a far-away planet, to help you deactivate that destroying danger... But we need you... Families from the Earth... We need your help!”

Organizer : Gugan, Pintxo Developer, San Sebastián - Donostia 2016

Tags : Role-playing game, Insert Change, Game, Hirikia



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