Labo 3

Labo 3

Image: Johnno's Dead. Chris Shepperd

LABO 3, 109'. Session with subtitles in Spanish. Presentation: Sébastien Duclocher, member of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.

For Real Tho (Pour de vrai)

Baptist Penetticobra, France, 2016, 14', OV in English with Spanish subtitles, DCP

One evening, a group of young people gather at a highway rest stop to take part in a film. But the shoot and the film quickly get out of control. Some of the group hang around while others disappear.

Special Mention of the Jury in the Labo competition at Clermont-Ferrand 2017.

United Interest

Tim Weimann, Germany, 2016, 9', No dialogue, DCP

A cable-car ride through San Francisco in the early 20th century marks the background that bids farewell to the alleged blessings of capitalism. The animated figures, placed on a black and white setting, portray the merciless financial markets and expose the perversion of eternal economic growth.

Sit and Watch

Francisco Forbes, Matthew Barton, United Kingdom, 2016, 37', OV in English with Spanish subtitles, DCP

Six everyday scenarios play out in modern London summoning ideas of representation, spectacle and human behaviour. These opposing storylines and their intrinsic cast urge the question: what leads men to be constantly creating and consuming an image of themselves?


Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller, Germany, 2016, 15', No dialogue, DCP

Personne - this is somebody, nobody, anyone. This is us in the course of time. Persistently, in vain. The self is need for permanent self-assertion.

L'Exilé du temps

Isabelle Putod, France, 2016, 27', OV in French with Spanish subtitles, DCP

In 1962, the speleologist Michel Siffre decided to spend two months near an underground glacier with no way to mark time. There, his mind teeters, his perceptions transform and he begins an inner journey filled with memories and hallucinations.

Johnno's Dead

Chris Shepherd, France, United Kingdom, 2016, 8', OV in English with Spanish subtitles, DCP

Serving twelve years behind bars for a crime you didn't commit really focuses your mind. Everything becomes crystal clear. The injustice poisons your soul and the only thing that matters is settling old scores.