Eginzaleak! Azoka = Feria Eginzaleak! = Eginzaleak! Fair

Eginzaleak! Azoka = Feria Eginzaleak! = Eginzaleak! Fair

On 17 December, during the entire day, Tabakalera will host the Eginzaleak! fair, a space that will exhibit the projects and creations that share the laboratory’s philosophy. If you want to discover projects made by people and collectives of hackers, makers and new artisans, or to simply come and see what it’s about, the doors will be open during the hours indicated.




Hiruki hotend // Triple extrusor liegero // Iñaki Leizaola // @kileitza

Loading three spools of basic colours (CMY), the user mixes them in the proportion they need. Thus, we can create new colours and make 3D impressions with many colours.


EhAerospace // The poor boy's space program  // @EHaerospace

Ehaerospace is an open project, with the aim of reaching space with commonly-found and accessible materials. In order to achieve our goal we are carrying out a series of tests and rocket launches that will prepare us to finally reach a height of 100 km.


ItzalItzel // Cuentos de Sombras // @itzalitzel

Itzalitzel is a project to create Amazing Stories using shadows and technology. During Eginzaleak there will be several storytelling sessions.


Hirukide Ikastetxeko proiektuak  // @Hirukide @jluengo

Our goal is to present the projects that we have already carried out at Hirukide Ikastetxea school (Izar Galaktik, Incubegg, Kubo, Neunaiz, Xeguru) as well as those that we are currently carrying out.


“El Bicho” // Grupo Naturalezas Generativas // Maria Mallo

As a result of the workshop carried out at the recent Naturalezas Generativas (Generative Natures) cycle, the group will show the installation completed during the last two months. El bicho is a structure that emulates different living organisms and shapes of nature, such as amoebas, tesseras, etc. and will be used as the basis for the projection of a visual mapping.


Lighting Commons // Nora Imaz  // @suartezL

A project based around collective light interventions in the city, in which digital creation and manufacturing has been one of the tools used.


3D Ikasi // Edu Zubeldia // @TXANKLAX

We are in the 3DIkasi educational project and we will take the brain with its LED lights, in addition to 3D-printed figures and printers.


Arquimaña // Raquel Ares e Iñaki Albistur // @ARQUIMANA

A project that works with the possibilities of technology, architecture and open design, at Eginzaleak! we will have the opportunity to see many of their creations.


Colegio Aleman // Proyectos de Ciencias

Teacher Antxon Anta and his pupils will show us the projects that they have been carrying out at their science workshops.


Impresora NanoFibras // Wiwat Nausing // @WiwatNausing

Wiwat Nausing, a researcher at Nanogue, has created a nanofiber 3D printer and wants to share ideas in this respect.


Estaciones tecnología de Ubik // Biblioteca de creación de Tabakalera

These creations are a collaboration between Ubik and Hirikilabs to have a first contact with technology and its possibilities in the creation library. There are three stations, and are related to code, electronics and digital manufacturing.


UC3Music-e // música, cacharros y ruido // @UC3Music

UC3Music-e is an association that seeks to be a platform so that university students can develop their sound projects, by either providing facilities for prototyping or by being a meeting place to look for shared interests and motivation. During Eginzaleak there will be 1 Drawdio workshop (free attendance until the material is exhausted)


JoLabs / DIF

During the last three months we have tried to carry out projects as a family and we have learned a lot. At Eginzaleak! We will show you the “inventions” we have created.


Don Bosco // Prot3sis3D // @FPdbosco

Within the Enabling the Future global network, Prot3sis3D makes prostheses using 3D printing. Thus connecting resources with needs. Electronics students from Don Bosco are volunteers in the project.


Egokitek // Victor Barahona // @Egokitek

Egokitek is a project that combines digital manufacturing with regenerative agriculture or permaculture. At this edition of Eginzaleak! They will present FabricaTuFabrica and AR SandBox.


Hitz Machine // Euskara eta teknologia talde irekia // #euskarriak

Dictionaries help with intercultural communication and with mutual knowledge and respect. The Basque language is one that links others that coexist here. This machine that creates dictionaries seeks to be a resource to facilitate communication in Basque.