Soinu esperimentalak Ubiken = Sonidos experimentales en Ubik

Soinu esperimentalak Ubiken = Sonidos experimentales en Ubik

Image: Juan Diego Tobalina

In this workshop we will try to use the objects around us and decontextualise them, using the sounds they generate to create music compositions or ambient sounds. We will explore the acoustic and sound possibilities of all these objects within our reach.

We will record sounds and create audio files that we can manipulate as we see fit, later combining them with music.

You don't need a musical background to take part, only the desire to generate sounds and learn that music can be made with things other than musical instruments. Come along and create experimental sounds in Ubik.


January 3rd - 1st Session 

  • Introduction. We are not alone. Some examples.

  • Where do I begin? Tools and information.

January 4th - 2nd Session 

  • Basic recording and editing techniques.

  • Recording experiments and exercises.

January 5th - 3rd Session 

  • Recording, editing and collage.

  • Finishing off the work.