Music & Apero : Frikstailers DJ Set + warm up by Meneo

Music & Apero : Frikstailers DJ Set + warm up by Meneo

Evening session of Music & Apero

Evening session of Music & Apero, a programme in collaboration with LeBukowski and Dabadaba, starring Frikstailers, in a DJ set format, and Meneo.

In essence, the music of Frikstailers is pure energy, 220 volts of dance energy. It is a lot of fun, surprising, smart and managed by two rhythm madmen, Rafa Caivano (aka Ralf aka DJ Rafa Caivano) and Lisandro Sona (aka Sandro Lee, aka DJ Sandro de America).

This duo makes music without geographic or genre boundaries. In their compositions they blend pop elements from the collective unconsciousness, all of which are dismembered with mutant bass rhythms that all morph into something entirely new.

The finished product is a combination of dancehall, hip hop, baile funk, cumbia, dub, house, kuduro, electro, techno and anything that happens to pass through their heads, all with the special hallmark that defines Frikstailers, leaving behind a host of marvellous songs like never heard before on the dance floor.

The Frikstailers session will be preceded by Meneo.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Protagonists : Rigo "Meneo" Pex

Tags : Music, Rigo Pex "Meneo", Summer, DJ, UD-HA