Jone San Martin. Legítimo/rezo

Jone San Martin. Legítimo/rezo

The performance, called ‘Legitimo/Rezo’, was a double programme (a solo and a danced speech), and its starting point was the experience that she has accumulated by working for over 20 years with famous choreographer William Forsythe. The draft of the solo belonged to Forsythe, and San Martín added the content, together with Josh Johnson. Live, Johnson participated as an external character. In this speech accompanied by dance, the local artist explained how, as a dancer, she used Forsythe’s choreography -before turning the notation into choreographic material- and ‘danced’ that process.

Organizer : San Sebastián - Donostia 2016, Jone San Martín

Protagonists : Jone San Martín, Josh Johnson

Tags : Performance, Cartes blanches, Jone San Martin, Josh Johnson