Korrika egin ala hil = Correr o morir = Run or die

Korrika egin ala hil = Correr o morir = Run or die

Reading against the clock 2016

Reproducción de fotos aéreas de Aralar by Elósegui Irazusta, Jesús, Aranzadi Society

Nader Koochaki will read out loud, as fast as possible, from start to finish, Kilian Jornet’s book Correr o Morir (Run or Die). This is a single reading, action-mode, with neither rehearsals nor purpose.

A critical performance showing us how mountains and nature are consumed and narrated in our time, the reading out loud against the clock of Correr or Morir endeavours to draw out a closed circuit immanent in Kilian’s work.

An autobiographical piece, the book develops like a way of thinking in movement. Far removed from the peripatos, there seems to be no other way of reading it, if not running.

The book as a mountain, the reading as a race, the action applies the same manner of covering the landscape as set out in the book. Kiss or kill. A performative tautology, running through the reading of the book.


Correr o Morir was published in 2011. Today it already has 20 editions in its original language and it has been translated into Spanish, English, French, Slovak, Slovenian, Polish, Italian and Portuguese.