El destapador + Pejesapo

El destapador + Pejesapo

Carte blanche: Pablo Álvarez - Ikusmira Berriak

Cartes blanches. Invitation to festivals, critics, artists and international programmers to enable access to our screen and to establish working partnerships and dialogue.

Paul Álvarez - resident of Ikusmira Berriak - has selected the movies El destapador of José Luis Sepúlveda and Carolina Adriazola and Pejesapo of Jose Luis Sepúlveda like carte blanche, which will be projected in this double session.

El destapador

José Luis Sepúlveda and Carolina Adriazola, Chile, 2012, 20'

The survival in a collective space becomes hard in times in which the social manifestations can generate his own individuality.


José Luis Sepúlveda, Txile, 2007, 98'

The first feature film by José Luis Sepúlveda, shot with a that tells the story of a mand rejected by death and society.