Kamaleoiak gara! Programa. Kubik

Kamaleoiak gara! Programa. Kubik

An activities programme is run on one Saturday a month where young and old have fun together. The proposals come from artists, performers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, narrators, etc., who bring the performing arts to any type of communities with the aim of generating encounters that normally do not occur.

Teatro Paraíso

The show is inspired by the games of children who physically experience their environment in order to understand it. By manipulating objects within their reach, they build their thoughts and open the door to their imagination.

In Kubik, two actors manipulate a giant set of constructions, that are piled up and transform, moving and generating new spaces to explore. It is architecture in motion, in which volumes and forms create small mobile screens on which images are created.

Organizer : Tabakalera - Hezkuntza

Protagonists : Teatro Paraíso

Tags : Kameleoiak gara, Theatre play, Teatro Paraíso



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