Loubia Hamra

Loubia Hamra

Loubia Hamra, Narimane Mari, Argelia/France, 2013, 80'

Screenplay and directed by: Narimane Mari. Photography: Nasser Medjkane. Original music: Zombie Zombie. Editing: Caroline Detournay, Anita Roth, NARIMANE MARI. Production: ALLERS RETOUR FILMS.

Algeria, nowadays: some teenagers swim, shout, play, sleep.... and get ready for the war. This is a night and staggered recreation of the moment when the National Liberation Front fought against French colonialism. 

Films from the international festival circut and independent distributors. Each film will have three screenings.

October 10, Cine TBK, 22:00* with live OST by Zombie Zombie.

October 23, Cine TBK, 19:00

November 1, Cine TBK, 18:00