Dona i Ocell


Dona i Ocell

A young 17 year old girl finds a bird trapped in the factory where she works. She decides to take it home and care for it, until she finally sets it free again. She starts wondering about her decision to escape the terrible atmosphere she lives in to seek her own freedom.

Nicolás Gutiérrez Wenhammar (direction) ; María José García Gutierrez (production) ; Nicolás Gutiérrez Wenhammar (script) ; Analía Goethals (editing) ; Luis Fernando Pacheco, Pablo Somonte Ruano (score) ; Christian Colomer (photograph) ; Júlia Perelló, Germán Zarcero, Begoña Miranda (interpeter) ; Spain ; Bande à Part Escuela de Cine de Barcelona (eschool) ; 2015 ; Selected short film

23 min. : kol. ; 151 MB ; MP4


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