Special opening DSS2016EU

With Elena Trapé and members of Zoom video laboratory

Blog, Elena Trapé, Spain, 2010, 90', OV with Spanish subtitles. DCP.

Director: Elena Trapé, Gidoia: Cristina Clemente, Arantxa Cuesta, Aintza Serra, Elena Trapé, Valentina Viso, Photography: Bet Rourich, Artistic director: Maruxa Alvar, Costumes: Anna Pons, Editing: Liana Artigal, Cast: Sara Gómez, Candela Antón, Irene Trullén, Alada Vila, Anna Castillo, Judit Cortina, Clara de Ramon, Lídia Torrent, Production: Escándalo Films


Like a film diary, Blog shows the lives of seven girls of fifteen years of age through all those screens that make up today’s teen universe on the net: webcam, messages, chat, blog, Facebook... Digital youth and membership of the group the "avatar" identity and their concerns, dreams, fears and confessions on camera. And fiction that has a lot of documentary about how you feel and see the world at that age. Special Mention of the Jury, TVE Otra Mirada Prize, Zinemaldi 2010.

Session chaired by the group of teenagers from the ZOOM Bideo Laborategia collective. In this session the young people of ZOOM. Laboratorio de video have worked another aspect of programming: the prior viewing of the film before it reaches the cinema halls and the preparation of the conference to be held after the screening with the director Elena Trapé.