The hole


The hole

Elias is a young man who lives with his father, Frank, in a house out in the middle of nowhere. There, their lives revolve around filling a mysterious hole that keeps reappearing in the floor of their living room. Filling the hole during the day, and spending the evenings unwinding, seems perfectly fine for Frank, but Elias starts to question the meaning behind this life that Frank has decided for them. As Elias' weariness grows, he confronts his father about wanting to do something else. Frank is a stubborn man, though, and Elias' rebellion soon sees them butting heads.

Christoffer Ansel (direction) ; Frederik Ringtved, Christoffer Ansel (script) ; Kasper Schultz Simonsen (editing) ; Peter Storm Wich (score) ; Peter Storm Wich (sound) ; Carl August Jansson (photographer) ; Anders Mossling, Elias Budde (interpeter) ; Denmark  ; The National Film School of Denmark (school) ; 2021 ; Selected short film

30 min. : kol. ; 785 MB ; MP4


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